The Homemade Orchestra make music by blowing, hitting and plucking!

We took some time out from rehearsals and, with help from the wonderful Jessica Van Lachterop, made these three videos to explain how sound is made using the different instruments from the show.  We hope that you enjoy them!

Click below to see and hear how we use vibrations to make sound:

We’re sure you’re very good at making lots of noise already! But have a go at these activities and find out more about how sounds are made and how to make different sorts of sound:

  Can You See A Sound
observe vibrations and the different types made by different sorts of sounds.
  Beneath My Ear
recognise that sound can travel through different sorts of materials and suggest ways to stop sound vibrations

These Sound resources have been orchestrated by Helen Harden and include links between the National Curriculum and poems from the show.