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The poems in Centrally Heated Knickers are about sound, ears and hearing, but they are also about electricity, evaporation/condensation, light, muscles, movement and much more.

Helen Harden and the Centrally Heated Knickers team have been talking a lot about THE SIMPLICITY OF ELECTRICITY – explore circuits and insulators and conductors in class or at home with these two great activity sheets:

We’re also thrilled to be able to offer free downloads of seven resources from Michael Rosen’s book STAR* - Science, Technology and Reading with kind permission of the Association for Science Education, an association for all those interested in science education These resources explore key science ideas and skills, as well as highlighting how the activities support numeracy and literacy:

explore evaporation and condensation
more about evaporation and condensation
explore how mixtures are made and separated and that gases expand as the temperature rises
explore how light travels from different sources and into our eyes
explore how shadows are produced and can vary and how light passes through some materials but not others
explore movement, the bones and muscles in legs / feet and using energy to move
explore how objects move and how movement can be speeded up and slowed down

The Association for Science Education produces books and resources to support the teaching and learning of science in schools for pupils from Early Years to age 19. Michael Rosen's book - STAR* - Science, Technology and Reading - is an inspirational resource that helps teachers in primary schools make links between poetry, science and technology. This book, and many more, are available from ASE Booksales.