Come and see the show!

Legendary children’s author and poet Michael Rosen is collaborating once again with the acclaimed and dynamic Homemade Orchestra to bring his much loved verse to life in Centrally Heated Knickers - a vibrant theatre show for children, families and friends packed full of surprises and taking you to places you’ve never been before.

This compelling new production interweaves Michael’s voice with the Homemade Orchestra’s live music, songs, grooves and flights of musical fancy, not forgetting the amazing Maisie Whitehead clambering all over the science lab.

Join us on an exciting adventure through science. What am I? Where am I? How does it all work? We urgently need your help on a voyage to rediscover the world?

Packed full of science curriculum links this show is great for schools and home schoolers - but its vibrant performers and complex, engaging layers of music makes it just as entertaining for adults.

Ages 7+

Key Stage 2 curriculum links about the science of sound, ears and hearing for ages 7-11